Sada Vidoo. Finding her way. Finding her voices.


“When the force of the universe pushes me to take sides ... My world is constantly moving into a battle zone ...
Am I too dark? Am I too light? ... Why can’t I just be both? Some days I’m the dark’s best friend and some day the leader of the light...”


As a songwriter and musical artist, Sada Vidoo has always been a restless soul, but the dreamy artist has finally found an artistic place to call home. A musical universe with room for creative experiments and shifting identities.


Sada Vidoo is a complex artist. Musically, she’s best described as a borderline schizophrenic soul where darkness always follows the light and the carefree and heavyhearted collide. A state of mind that holds many similarities to her personal life. 



Sada inherited her dark exotic features from a Palestinian father that left the Danish family early in the young girl’s life. In school she was isolated and bullying became a permanent part of her life. It was during this vulnerable period that Sada really discovered music as a personal refuge. In her room, writing songs, recording them, Sada could be anybody.


“A beautiful girl called Loneliness had a room full of friends ... No matter how many tears she cried or tried to make them laugh they never spoke back ... As time passed the friends had dust upon there shoulders ... And as the world turned, a flaw in their mind showed ... Once they were pure innocent friends, now all they are, are broken china dolls.”


Sada started hanging out on the hip-hop and R&B scenes in Copenhagen, and before long her powerful voice could be found on numerous recordings. Following a single release with Danish pop sensation Me & My Sada even landed a personal contract with Virgin Records and her career seemed to be right on track. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before her new life as a music artist started to resemble those wretched teenage years.


One of Sada’s first experiences with a ruthless music industry came when she wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals on DJ Aligator’s ‘Lollipop’. Partly thanks to Sada’s all too familiar scream: “I wanna suck on your lollipop!,” the single became an instant club hit. But when it was time to shoot the music video it was a model and not Sada Vidoo that was chosen to star alongside DJ Aligator. –You’re not pretty enough for the camera, said the record company. The insecurity about not being good enough or beautiful enough returned in an instant and Sada Vidoo once again turned away from the limelight and back into song writing.


Platinum songwriter 

Sada Vidoo’s next encounter with a hit single was yet again a shaky one. During the recording of their album From Paris to Berlin, international dance sensation Infernal was introduced to ‘Ten Miles’. A song Sada had written several years earlier. Infernal loved the track and did an immediate recording. The track topped single charts in Turkey, Spain, Poland and Scandinavia. In Denmark, ‘Ten Miles’ was nominated for a Danish Club Hit of the Year Award in 2007.


A Doll is Born

After years of song writing and singing in different music collaborations Sada Vidoo met the popular British producer Chris Ballard and the acclaimed singer/songwriter Russ Ballard in 2012. The latter who writes KISS’ ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You’ and Hot Chocolate’s ‘So You Win Again’ to his musical résumé. This encounter sparked an incredible amount of creative energy between the three artists, Sada Vidoo moved to England from Copenhagen to work in Ballard’s East London studio. 

With her impressive ability to sing with two voices, Sada Vidoo is instantly recognisable and in a league of her own. And by merging classic rock with electronic elements the two distinct vocal expressions take the compositions to new dimensions. Finally, the music is supported by an impressive visual universe, Sada Vidoo’s theatrical doll persona and her overwhelming live performances. 

Lately Sada Vidoo has made headlines all over the world - her appearance in X Factor UK 2016 and this years Danish Eurovision Song Contest has inspired thousands of millennials, who see her as an artist that empowers them to be advocates for their own identities, rather than let others define them.

"Welcome to my Universe! I’m Sada Vidoo!”