A Story With No End

“Once upon a time the sound of a heartbeat was my comfort zone … But now, all that I feel is numb! My eyes are still blinking, my mouth is still talking but my heart is silent … It’s not like I fell in love or something like that! It’s the world’s greed that has used it and abused it … Mankind has slowly turned our "needs" into "wants" and all I wanna do is keep believing that the heart of my soul will live on even if they abuse my body.”


“There’s no shame in being who u are!” – Sada Vidoo


‘A Story With No End’is the creative brainchild of gifted, dual-voiced singer Sada Vidoo, the talented young producer Chris Ballard and acclaimed songwriter Russ Ballard whose hits include ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You’ covered by KISS and Hot Chocolate’s ‘So You Win Again’. Splintering traditional genre barriers mixing classic rock with elements from electronic and dubstep the three have created a magnificent and multi-layered musical universe.


Sada Vidoo is a complex soul where opposites meet. Where there’s light there’s always darkness. Where there’s new there’s old and where there’s sanity the insane is always lurking.


Sada Vidoo’s impressive dual voice singing is instantly recognizable shining in a crowded world of polished, bland acts. Drawing on an opium of artful aesthetics and visuals she complements her music with equally poignant live performances.


Written in 2012, released in 2014, the album ‘A Story With No End’ reveals a complete collection of strong lyrics and powerful. Join Sada Vidoo on her existential soul-searching journey. 


“Some people call me a Doll …  Some men have called me their Girl … One woman calls me her Child. One day you may think I’m too dark – In the night you may say I’m too light. Welcome to my Universe! I’m just Sada Vidoo.”